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Medieval Dinner Show

PRAGUE MEDIEVAL DINNER BANQUET  Welcome to The U Pavouka Medieval Tavern, which will take You back hundreds of years to the Middle Ages! Its harsh yet romantic atmosphere will breathe on You from all angles. No detail has been omitted, and none of your senses will be ignored! There will be plenty to see, hear […]

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Prague Boat Trip

PRAGUE BOAT TRIP Prague boat trip is a great way how to relax, see the most popular sites of both riverbanks and drink some nice cold Czech beer and have a laugh with friends. The boat is exclusively rented only for your group and our guide will make sure everything goes as planned. The boat […]

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Prague Witch Tour

PRAGUE WITCH TOUR Prague claims to be one of the most haunted cities in the world. Let us take You on a unique tour where we explore Prague legends, the Pagan origin of Czechs and Witchcraft in general. You will learn about the free masonic symbolism, Astronomical Clock and also discover where the Prague Executioner […]

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Traditional Czech Food

TRADITIONAL CZECH FOOD  Czech Traditional Food is very heavy but extremely delicious!!! There are legendary meals that you will get addicted to! “Guláš” – Czech beef goulash, “Svíčková” – Roast sirloin in sour cream sauce with dumplings, “Vepřo knedlo zelo”, – Roast pork with dumplings and sauerkraut, “Kachna” – Roast duck with dumplings and sauerkraut etc… […]

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Prague Beer Spa

PRAGUE BEER SPA Prague is famous for being the city with the highest consumption of beer per person in the world, and we have the best beer ever. And now you can take not just a beer pub tour, but a beer bath in a spa as well. Bathe in hand-made, thousand-litre, whirlpool royal oak […]

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Prague Breweries & Beer

PRAGUE BREWERIES & BEER The Czech Republic and its capital city of Prague are proudly referred to as the HOME OF BEER! The tradition of brewing is connected with the history of Czech/Slavic tribes since the 7th century when Pagans used to plant hops and malt and brew the very earliest beer, and then the 1st […]

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Black Light Mini Golf

PRAGUE BLACK LIGHT MINI GOLF Have fun with your friends and come to play Mini Golf in the Black Light. This great venue is situated right in the city centre of Prague and is suitable for all kinds of travellers. In addition to Mini Golf, there is also a small but very nice Laser Arena. […]

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Escape Rooms

PRAGUE ESCAPE ROOMS Prague Escape Rooms are great fun and definitely an experience! We collaborate with different venues and there are many great games you can play. Solve mysteries, use items that seem to be useless, put clues and puzzles together and escape from stressful reality or terrible hangover after the night of partying. Games: SAW, […]

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Trabant Car Trip & Brewery

PRAGUE TRABANT CAR TRIP & BREWERY Explore Prague and its unique sites in vintage Trabant cars! We offer a unique sightseeing experience in Eastern German Trabants 601 with a Beer tasting and Brewery visit. You will taste 2 different beers as well as cold platters and then we will stop at the best view of points […]

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