Fake Stag Arrest & Strip

Plan a fake arrest for the Stag or your bachelor. Let his heart pound and relieve it with a sexy and super hot strip show!

Prague Stag Fun offers a fake arrest prank with our affected police personnel. You can also help us plan your ideal arrest prank.

Our guide will pretend you are going for a pub crawl and get you a round of beers in a local traditional pub. Afterward, you will walk to Wenceslas square where will be a fake police officer waiting in the passage of Gold Fingers strip club and arrest the bachelor on suspicion of drugs!
You will get another round of beers in the club while choosing a hot stripper for the stag. She will make sure to cheer up the stag when he returns blindfolded from his terrifying underground walk.


This Stag Package Includes:

  • Fake Stag Arrest
  • One beer per person in the traditional pub
  • Welcome round of beers at Gold Fingers strip club
  • A hot strip show
  • Fake police officer(s)
  • Tour Guide

42 EUR per person

+ -

Group of minimum 10 persons are required to book this


  • Price is based on a minimum of 10 people attending
  • Every extra person is 590/25 EUR p.p
  • Extra table reservation with 4 beers or 2 mixed drinks 39 EUR/940 CZK per person
  • Additional police officer – 190 EUR/4 600 CZK
  • per person
    • Category:
    • sexy-activities

Minimum persons to book: 10

Package Duration: 1 hour

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