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Exclusive GO-KARTS Racing

PRAGUE EXCLUSIVE GO-KARTS RACING Prague has one of the best indoor go-karting complexes in Europe; A fantastic 1,2 kilometre-long, 6-meter-wide track, so don’t miss your chance to race with your friends! Up to 14 karts can race at once, and these four-stroke mini-speed demons are powered by Subaru 200cm3 6ps engines, giving you plenty of scopes […]

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Bubble football & Archery games

PRAGUE BUBBLE FOOTBALL & ARCHERY GAMES The great combination of activities is exactly what you have to try! The first half is the body zorbing is safe and fun, you can jump around, crash or roll, and push down everyone else around you without any fear that you might hurt somebody. The body zorb ball […]

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Crazy Action Games

PRAGUE CRAZY ACTION GAMES Prague top daytime activities for stag and hen party weekends is a combination of 3 very popular games; GAINT FOOT DARTS + GIANT BEER PONG + HUMAN TABLE FOOTBALL! Great fun and adrenaline at the same time! You will also get unlimited booze (beer or soft) during the full two hours […]

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Human Table Football

PRAGUE HUMAN TABLE FOOTBALL Have you ever thought about playing two of your favourite games at the same time? Now you have the greatest opportunity to do so! How is it possible? It is very easy: you will be playing classic table football with one slight difference. You and your friends are going to be […]

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Dog Chase

PRAGUE DOG CHASE Are you brave enough to face a bloodthirsty dog? Its only goal is to kill you and bite the hell out of you! You can test yours or the bachelor’s courage! You will be picked up from your hotel/apartment by a private bus with a driver and taken to Action Park. After […]

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Giant Beer Pong

PRAGUE GIANT BEER PONG We like to make things bigger than normal for you so we offer you the Giant Beer Pong! What is the difference? Footballs instead of ping pong balls, barrels instead of cups. And most importantly a lot of beer! This new version of beer pong is played with six barrels on each side. Even […]

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Giant Foot Darts

PRAGUE GIANT FOOT DARTS Giant Foot Darts activity is the perfect choice for Your Stag Party in Prague. Each participant will get to kick and throw a ball to a huge dartboard. Do you like to play normal darts with a regular size dartboard or football? Then you will enjoy this activity, even more, playing foot darts […]

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Prague Cycle beer boat

Prague Cycle Booze Boat

PRAGUE CYCLE BOOZE BOAT This unique Beer Bike Boat is one of its kind in Europe. The coolest way how to do sightseeing and river cruising and boozing at the same time. Two beer bike boats are available with a capacity of 11 people each. The standard tour takes 1.5 hours and covers Charles Bridge, […]

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Tank Ride

PRAGUE TANK RIDE The guide will pick you up in the hotel, or at the meeting point, and take You to the tank army training area in a town called Milovice, by private transportation. Feel the wild ride in a typical Czech war armoured vehicle called BVP, in a former army training area out of […]

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Quad Biking

PRAGUE QUAD BIKING  Let us take you for a great adventure to a former military area 40minutes outside of Prague – Milovice. You will have a chance to test your driving skills in powerful Suzuki and Kawasaki quad bikes! They are fully automatic, fun and easy to drive. We combined the latest computer technology with a professional shooting range and created […]

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