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Prague has one of the best indoor go-karting complexes in Europe; A fantastic 1 Kilometer long, 6-meter-wide track, so don’t miss your chance to race with your friends! Up to 14 karts can race at once, and these four-stroke mini speed demons are powered by Subaru 200cm3 6ps engines, giving you plenty of scopes to notch up some G-Force. Electronic printouts of your racing results are available after every race. Avoid racing with the public and wasting the whole afternoon waiting for your turn and get the best exclusive Go-karting for your stag weekend!

We can offer you also 3 x 10 minutes ride per person, which is non-exclusive as well as a cheaper option, and you have to change with the other groups on spot, and therefore its recommended just for groups smaller than 10 people and can be organized upon request.


3 hours

This Package Includes:

  • Return transfers in a private bus
  • 1 km long track
  • Exclusive 1-hour track rental
  • 14 karts can race at one time
  • Professional instructors
  • Digital prints out
  • Helmets
  • Guide assistance

Food options:

  • Cheeseburger (choice of beef hamburger served with cheddar, bacon, Fresh lettuce, sliced tomatoes, cucumber a onions, French fries and mayonnaise) 0,5 l Budweiser Budvar
  • Extra 14EUR/350 CZK per person


From 78 EUR/1950 CZK

The price is set per person and is based on the size of your group. More people mean a lower price. Inquire for your tailor-made quote. Min. people to book: 10