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Hot Peppers is very popular local strip club situated on the Wenceslas Square and has all you need for your perfect Stag party night out.
Great venue with large capacity offers you comfortable and sophisticated lounges, as well as private rooms where you can enjoy different stripper shows performed by local beauties.

The club is usually packed by 9 pm, we strongly recommend to make a reservation during the week-day till 10 pm and weekends till 9 pm.
The large stage offers nonstop performances of different strippers in thematic costumes by 2 or 3 girls, as well as lesbian shows and acrobatic. All that is supplemented by coulisse of the original large screen, that you won’t see anywhere else in Europe. The top services of Hot Peppers include lap dance, table dance, and auto-erotic show, all in outstanding quality.

Entrance to our VIP lounge area:


(The best view of the stage from the balcony and very comfortable couches.)

  • 1 L Absolut vodka + 6 Red Bulls (for 4 people) – 3 800 CZK/152 EUR
    Or buy a different bottle. For example:
    1 L Jack Daniels with  some kinds of non-alcoholic drinks for free, like juice, Cola, Tonic, etc – 6 000 CZK/240 EUR  
    1 L Havana Club  + some kinds of non-alcoholic drinks for free, like juice, Cola, Tonic, etc – 4 750 CZK/190 EUR
    1,75l Belvedere Premium Vodka (for 6 people) – 5 800 CZK/232 EUR (some kinds of non-alcoholic drinks for free, like juice, cola, Tonic etc)
    Bottle of champagne (for 4 people) start from – 4 500 CZK/180 EUR   

Stripper show menu:

Lap Dance (in private 6 minutes) for one person for 6 minutes = 1 000 CZK/ 40 EUR
Table Dance (Striptease on the table 4 minutes) = 1 000 CZK/40 EUR
Lesbian Show (in private 4 minutes) = 2 000 CZK/80 EUR
Autoerotic Show (in private 6 minutes) for one person = 3 000 CZK/120 EUR

Special Private Table Room for Groups 4-15 people:

Strip Show for 6 minutes = 2 000 CZK/80 EUR
Lesbian Show for 6 minutes = 3 000 CZK/120 EUR

Special show for the stag

The special show is our most popular show for your stag. Everything will be organized behind the scene so that your stag will be completely unaware he is about to become the star of Hot Peppers main stage. Girls will take care of your stag and take him on the stage.

Save yourself a time and trouble while queuing outside of the club on busy Friday night and enjoy the special discounted deal 500 CZK/20 EUR per person instead of 600 CZK/24 EUR at the doors and pre-book yourself the best tables so nothing can spoil your Prague experience.

Tickets with drink packages:

500 CZK/20 EUR  = 10 beers or 4anyking of drinks per person – SAVE 4 EUR per person!!!!
400 CZK/16 EUR  = 5 beers or 2anykind of drinks per person

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All Night


From 20 EUR/500 CZK

The price is set per person and is based on the size of your group. More people mean lower price. Enquire for your tailor-made quote.

Min. people to book: