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Guns - Full Monty

prague full monty shooting  indoor gun shooting prague

Gun Shooting for real men only! Let us organize an exclusive package at the indoor centre for you where you will shoot eight different guns! AK 47: 10 shots, AR 15:10 shots, CZ Scorpio Evo: 15 shots, 357 SW revolver:5 shots, Glock Pistol: 10 shots, CZ 75: 10 shots, Shotgun: 5 shots, and Dragunov: 5 shots. We arrange with the guide for return public transportation tickets, instructors, eye and ear protection, and a rush of adrenaline. You can also add private bus transportation, but as the indoor center s situated right by an underground station this is not necessary!

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Duration: 4 hours

This Package Includes:

  • Hotel pick up
  • Return public transportation tickets
  • Safety instructors
  • Eye and ear protection
  • 8 different guns
  • 70 shots
  • AK 47-10 shots
  • AR 15-10 shots
  • CZ Scorpio Evo-15 shots
  • 357 SW Revolver-5 shots
  • Glock Pistol-10 shots
  • CZ 75-10 shots
  • Shotgun-5 shots
  • Dragunov-5 shots
  • Guide


  • Beef Goulash & Large Draught Beer available for extra 250 CZK/10 EUR per person